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Range Bib Short — I generally start when it's chilly in the morning and the temperatures eventually heat up to 70+ degrees.. I'm able to stay comfortable all through my ride! It's not advertised, but the small reflective bits on the back is a great small safety feature especially riding around the city in the early mornings. The placement of the fabric panels and chamois work well with my body, I don't have to think about this bib. It just works so well!


Air Jersey — So glad there are more colors. I’ve been wearing taro and spiced mustard regularly for 2 years now and it’s held up so well. I run hot during rides and would have to open up my jerseys but not with the air jersey. I’m in between sizes but you can definitely size down for a more snug fit.


Pursuit Jersey — This jersey is the embodiment of performance you can feel as soon as you slap it on and roll out the door. The fit is snug, but comfortable even on the longer rides, and the design is easy on the eyes and the fabrics just feel so nice and breathable. It's perfect jersey for testing yourself at the local group rides or the solo challenging climbs in your side of town.


Air Jersey — Wonderful products at an affordable price and look fantastic on the bike! Wasn’t expecting to find a great fit and feel and these ticks all the boxes.


Adept Bib Short — Man, these bibs are top notch and a great price point. I was having some discomfort wearing other brands here and there. High end brands as well. When i wear my Lost Dog bibs they are super comfy for long rides. The chamois has good padding and fits well.

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