Field Report: The Long Way for Coffee — San Clemente

The road to recovery can be a long one. After 3 years of no bikes, physical therapy and recovery, JP Gregorio’s back strength has improved enough to begin riding for increasing durations and with more challenging routes. JP’s longest ride since stepping off the bike for recovery, we enjoyed each other’s company, stories, and the Pacific Coast Highway towards coffee.

Greeted with the cool overcast as we rolled out, encouraging since our relative weather has been sweltering for months at this point. James Yang a Northern California resident, joined us for our adventure.

As we hit PCH, memories of the New Year’s Ride and attacking points sprung to our minds. At points it got verbally quiet with our legs doing the talking…

Like the years had never advanced, we were back to our old ways… sharing race stories and pushing each other whenever the road pointed up.

Before heading back inland to reach home… a coffee stop is very necessary.